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Robotic Palletizer System in Kolkata

Robotic Palletizer System in Kolkata

Robotic Palletizer System in Kolkata:

Robotics technology is combined with custom IoT modules, vision automation, AGV solutions integration, and robotics technology by iRobolution, a well-known provider of secondary and tertiary packaging solutions.

A system called the robotic palletizer (iR-iNovatRPa) can handle the most important part of the end of the line. The fully integrated robotic system iR-iNovatRPa is versatile in design, strong in construction, and simple to install. The manufacturing or production area can manage several lines with this well-designed equipment. Any size drum up to 200KG, a 20-liter water jar, shrink-wrapped bottles, crates, and bags are all handled by the robot palletizer application for palletizing in accordance with matrix formation.

A system that is entirely automated and can function without any input from the operator aside from loading a stack of pallets and discharging finished pallets after the palletizing process. The products from iNovat are prepared to integrate with ASRS, AGV/AMR solutions, and any other digital platform to give data for reporting and analysis.

We Provide Robotic Palletizer System in Kolkata including various area like Ahritola, Alambazar, Archana, Badartala, Baghajatin, Bamboovila, Chetla, Colootola, Dharmatala, Garfa, Gokhel Road, Jawpore, Jorasanko, Kasthadanga, Keoratala, Madrassa, Naktala, Noapara, Rajabagan Etc.

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