Sugar Syrup & Beverage processing

Flow diagram of sugar syrup & beverage processing setup

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In this section the Equipment are provided to prepare the sugar syrup. Sugar syrup of 65 Brix will be prepared by dissolving the sugar in heated water. After the Sugar syrup is prepared it is passed through filter & then cooled down before transferring it into the Ready Sugar syrup storage tank. From the ready Sugar Syrup storage tank the Syrup would be transferred to the Blending tanks as require
In this section the beverage will be prepared by mixing of water, flavour, sugar syrup & additives. Flavour will be supplied from concentrate tank, syrup from ready sugar syrup storage tank & water transferred to blending tank where it will mix at pre-set speed & time by agitator assembly which is driven by motor & gear box. After that beverage will be supplied to carbonator for further process.
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This will be automatic in nature means following action will be taken automatically and some operations will have to be done manually
The operation timer will cut of the pump as soon the set timing of operation is achieved.
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