Carbonated Soft Drinks

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Koldpack filling systems for carbonated soft drinks enable you to achieve high product quality as well as accurately matched the CO2 content of your soft drink. From water treatment plant, sugar syrup preparation, carbonation, filling, labeling, Barcoding and packing we are a one-stop shop for the whole line. Systems are designed for multi-shift operation, provide a fault-free and efficient filling process and thus enable you to achieve high availability. Lines can be provided as standard for 250 ml non-returnable pet bottles & 200 ml returnable glass bottles up to 12000 bottles/hour. As well as our standard lines, we can of course offer solutions for turnkey systems customized to your requirements on request.

Standardized to meet conventional requirements, our technical expertise also allows us to tackle any individual challenge, as well as resolve it and implement it in your system. You no longer need to worry about correct mixing ratios, precise fill levels or adequate packaging. A complete system from Koldpack, tailored to meet your specific challenges, is exactly the right choice for you.

Packaging Solution For Carbonated Soft Drinks

Water treatment plant

Juice preparation plant

Pet Blow moulding Machine

Rinsing, Filling & Capping

Ink jet printer

Labelling machine

Shrink Wrapper

Case Packing – Rigid

Palletizer- Depalletizer

Pallet stretch wrapping Machine

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