Quadrafill - On Pallet Barrel / Drum / Container Filling Machine

QUADRA FILL is Fully Automatic container, Drums, Barrels & IBCs Filling system on pallet, which is composed of co-ordination of Multi Axis and Auto positioning of filling lance and bunghole using high MP industrial AF camera with integrated SCADA for operations.

Customization Option

Can be configured for more flexible & automatic workstation

Salient Features

Technical Specifications

No. Of Filling Head2 to 6 heads
Output Per Hour200 to 600 buckets/ Hr.
Filling TypeWeight based electronic load cell type
Nozzle SystemTop filling- Bottom Filling
Material Of constructionContact parts : SS 316, Body Parts : SS 304Matt finish
Electrical SupplyAC 440V Three Phase
Compressed Air pressure4 to 6 Kg/ Cm2
Filling Range1 Liter to 5Liter with necessary change parts
ApplicationFilling of foamy and non-foamy liquids in bottles & containers.


Automation is done keeping in mind speed and accuracy of filling Drums, Barrels & IBCs giving high yields. Industrial Grade Camera scans all Drums, Barrels & IBC's bungs at one go to automatically align filling lance and the bunghole giving speed and accuracy without human intervention. Single point operation with centralized SCADA software having large 15” Touch Screen.

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