Adblue/DEF Making Machine

Adblue/DEF Making Machine

Bestech are manufacturer of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) making machine which is used to reduce the amount of air pollution created by a diesel engine. Adblue, also known as DEF usage in many commercial vehicles which operating on worldwide roads. It is a non-toxic, high quality and highly pure Aqueous Urea Solution that works with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to chemically change harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles into harmless nitrogen and water.
We provide end-to-end solutions from DEF manufacturing plant to filling and packing machineries from 5 to 26 liter buckets, 220 kg barrels and also for 1000 liter IBC. BESTECH have a full-fledged marketing block in the premises itself is governing the routine administration of works, co-ordination, sales and services, In house design, fabrication, assembly, testing, using most modern methods within the company.

Why BESTECH for your right partner for DEF plant solution provider?

What included with unique features (Adblue making machine):

Machine compatibility for EUROPE and US compliance

Fully automatic plant solution from DEF process to bottle, barrel & Drum Filling system

Additional Features:

Energy saving
Best Quality Output
24 x 7, 3 Tier support
Customer Value
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