Rinsing, Filling & Capping for Mineral Water

RFC series 3-in-1 tri block machine is composed of rinser, filler and capper, which adopts and absorbs advanced technology and is manufactured according to packaged drinking water / Mineral water / Natural spring water production technical requirements. It uses the pressure gravity filling method which meets standard of IS: 14543 & IS: 13428.

RFC series machine is a fully automatic multi-functional combined machine integrating washing, filling and capping into single body. This machine is equipped with advanced man-machine interfacial control technology with all necessary automation with PLC. It works on hanging neck holding method. Hence, no changeover is required to fill different sizes of bottles from 200ml to 2 liters.

Salient Features

Technical Specifications

No. of Heads10-5-18-8-412-16-618-18-620-20-824-24-830-30-10
Output @ 1000 ml.
in (bottles per minute)
30 BPM40 BPM60 BPM 90 BPM120 BPM160 BPM200 BPM
Output @ 500 ml.
in (bottles per minute)
40 BPM60 BPM80 BPM 110 BPM140 BPM180 BPM230 BPM
Output @ 200/300 ml.
in (bottles per minute)
45 BPM60 BPM90 BPM 120 BPM160 BPM200 BPM250 BPM
Rinsing Water Consumption
@ 0.2 ~ 0.25 Mpa
150 Ltr / hr200 Ltr / hr350 Ltr / hr 500 Ltr / hr700 Ltr / hr780 Ltr / hr1000 Ltr / hr
Compressed Air Consumption
@ 4 to 6 Bar
2.5 CFM2.5 CFM2.5 CFM 3 CFM3.5 CFM3.5 CFM4.5 CFM
Power consumption3 KW5.2 KW5.2 KW 5.9 KW7.5 KW7.5 KW10 KW
Bottle size range200 ml to 2000 ml

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