Flap closure & tapping unit

Flap closure & tapping unit

We manufacture state of the art carton/ Box sealing machine with four flap closure that are used for various filling & packaging industries. Designed in easily schemed machines that can be used by novice, Koldpack carton sealing machine come in universal uses across production & packaging process. Carton sealing machine have major two operation one is flap closing which is done by curve rods & back flapper & after that BOPP tap is applied in closing portion. Minimum adjustment required to pack any size of boxes without any error.


Carton box in open flap enter into pressing conveyer through bottom roller conveyer. First front & back flaps will be close by using pneumatic flapper & after that guide rod close the another two flaps & press accordingly. Tapping section is equipped with two pressing rollers which will done perfect BOPP tapping operation with side tapping also to ensure perfect tapping. After which the carton will be discharges from the out feed conveyer.


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