Robotic Case Palletizer

Robotic palletizer (iR-iNovatRPa) is a system that is capable of handling the most vital fragment of end of the line. iR-iNovatRPa is a fully integrated robotic system that has a flexible design, robust build, and easy installation. This well-designed technology can handle multiple lines in the manufacturing/production area. Robot palletizer application handles water 20L jar, any size of drum up to 200KG, CLDs, Bottles shrink-wraps, Crates, Bags to palletize as per matrix formation.

A fully automatic system that can run without an operator input apart from charging a stack of pallets and unloading finished pallets off after the palletizing operation. iNovat products are ready to integrate with ASRS, AGV/AMR solutions and any Digital platform to provide data for reporting and analysis.

Why iR-iNovatRpa

iR-iNovatRpa includes

Accurate Positioning

Proper Griping

Accurate Matrix Program

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