Weight checker unit

Weight checker unit

The Dynamic Weighing Systems – checkweigher systems, are widely used for checking the weight of filled pack and segregate the overweight and underweight packs. These systems are highly effective and helping tool where the packing speed is too high to avoid the manual error. Thus helps the manufacturer to keep the track of line so that pack with correct weight will reach in the market and eliminate the complaints from the market.

The checkweigher system consists of three platforms/ conveyors, namely Entry / Inlet, Weighing and Exit. All the three conveyors runs in synchronised speed


Entry conveyor will ensure that the pack is separated appropriately to generate the space between the consecutive /following pack.

The weighing conveyor carries the pack with the designed speed. While pack is in moving state, the weighing of the pack is done.

The exit conveyor will put the pack in accept or reject side. On the exit platform, the suitable rejection mechanism is available. In case the weighed pack differs in set target weight, the actuation signal is given to the rejection mechanism which ensures to segregate / remove the faulty pack to reach in accepted area and puts in rejection area.


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