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Bag-in-box is one of the latest methods of packing liquids and semi-liquid products. This is a laminated polyethylene high strength aseptic bag with or without aluminium layer. This filling system comes in various capacities. The bags are supplied with a screw cap, VITOP or nozzles The bags of volume i.e. 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L and 23L (6 gallons) can be placed in cardboard boxes and on which the details of the packed product can be mentioned.

The bags of volume from 23-50 liters can be placed in plastic boxes. The bags of volume of 220 liters can be placed into metal barrels, metal drums. At koldpack we provide a highly flexible & custom made cubitainer filling machine which diverse from semi-automatic filling to fully automatic cubitainer filling & packaging line. We can also provide a turnkey basis cubitainer filling line which included, box making machine, filling, capping, pushing, labelling/barcoding, bag closing, strapping & palletizing. If you are thinking about converting from rigid packaging such as a tight head or an open pail to a Cubitainer, you can potentially modify your current filling line with us.
Products that are highly recommended for filling and storing in a bag-in-box system:

Packaging Solution For RTS Juices & Beverages

Box/Carton Opening

Filling & capping

Box closing & strapping

Sticker labelling with auto rejection

Weight checker with rejection

Box strapping


Pallet stretch wrapping Machine

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