Bopp Labelling Machine

The continuous label roll-feed labeling machine is a fully automatic machine with electro-pneumatic controls. The base, label cutter assembly and glue assembly of the machine is made of Mild Steel and Alloy steels with duly painted / hard chromed. The conveyor, which is passing through the machine, is made of S.S.304 and chain is made of thermo-plastic. The shafts, column assembly and star housings are made of stainless steel. All guides and stars are made of S.S.304, UHMWPE, Nylon. The machine is covered with S.S.304 frame and acrylic sheets work. The machine operation is controlled by Siemens make PLC / Touch Screen and speed is controlled by Siemens make Variable frequency drive.

Salient Features

Technical Specifications

Capacity120/150/200 BPM Smaller bottle/ label higher Speed Larger bottle/ label lower Speed
Bottle (Diameter)50 mm Minimum, 105 mm Maximum
Bottle height150 mm Minimum, 350 mm Maximum
Label Width50 mm Minimum, 105 mm Maximum
Label Length200 mm Minimum, 300 mm Maximum
Label Placement from Base of Bottle to lower edge of label30 mm Minimum, 125 mm Maximum
Label Roll DimensionMaximum roll diameter 650mm Core diameter 75/76mm Unwind direction will be provided.
Over all DimensionLength : 1665 mm Width : 1175 mm Conveyor Length: 3 meter Infeed & Out feed Transfer extra
Power ConsumptionMain Motor : 2 HP Label Motor : 0.5 HP Conveyor motor : 0.75 HP Vaccum Pump Motor : 3 HP (Main Motor with Frequency Drive)
Hotmelt Adhesive power3 KW
Label RegistrationBy Danfoss control
Label ControlBy Print Mark sensor and Bottle sensor – both infrared Type
Special Safety Features1) No bottle on conveyor, no delivery of label on drum 2) No label on drum, on adhesive application.
ControllersControls by Hitachi Control. All Functionality indicated by Led. Complete electrical panel made in stainless steel.
Hot melt UnitNordson unit


The label roll is to be installed on the rotary drum. The label reel is routed through its track to the rotary label cutter assembly through the feed roller. The length of the label is controlled by PLC, with the help of Color photo-cell, sensing the “I” mark on the label. Then the label length is cut by the label cutter assembly. The label is then transferred to the vacuum drum by air pressure and vacuum system and the label is held firmly at vacuum drum. During the rotation the label takes the hot melt glue from the glue drum on its leading edge and trailing edge. The hot melt glue is transferred by the pump, mounted on the glue heating tank. The bottles are transferred by the feed star and positioned to the rotary vacuum drum. The bottle starts rotating, when comes in contact with the drum and the label is rolled onto the bottle against the pressure of roll-on press pad. The bottles are then transferred to the exit of the machine by the conveyor system. All the movements are controlled by P.L.C. and electro-pneumatic controls.

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