Bottle Unscrambler

Bottle Unscrambler

Bottle unscrambler is linear type of unscrambling machine, designed for feeding oriented bottles into the production line. It is the perfect labour-saving equipment, no longer is employees required to manually sort bottles and stand them upright on a conveyor. They are suitable for large various of bottle shapes and size. Koldpack bottle unscramble operates with great simplicity, efficiency and minimal maintenance. If you have demands for a bottle unscramble, our products can certainly live up to your expectations. Welcome to contact Koldpack for more details.


Bottle are loaded into the hopper, and supplied to the centrifugal disc through an elevator. In the disc, bottles are directed into the orientation area. Bottles are delivered one by one, and the Bottle Orientating Hook grabs the neck of the bottles for correcting position. After that, the upright bottles are stabilized and released on the bottle exit conveyor. The Koldpack bottle unscrambler is designed to handle a wide range of plastic bottles. All mechanical adjustments are equipped with numeric counter for easy and repeatable changes.


Robotic Unscrambler

iR-unscrambler is a Robotics system to reorient plastic bottles in vertical format after washing or any process before we feed it to an inline filling system. The system design depends on bottle shape, size, speed and base stability & complexity. Right robot selection from SCARA, Articulated six axis robotor delta picker type is a unique capability of iRobolution. System design will play a very important role for right solution at best cost.

Thanks to ViPoCo Technology software and iGripp design for gripping system to manage all versatile bottles.

Why iR-unscrambler:

iR-unscrambler includes:


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