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Pick & Place System with Vision Inspection in Africa

Pick & Place System with Vision Inspection in Africa

Pick & Place System With Vision Inspection in South Africa:

iRobolution is a top brand for secondary and tertiary packaging solutions because of its robotics technology, visual automation, integration with AGV solutions, and custom IoTs modules.

Robotic quality and vision checking is done by iR-RoboQV. This combines a robot with a vision system to assess the quality of applications with a variety of shapes, sizes, and multiple locations.

Human limitations can be tested on the job, and various angles can be modified using the Robo + Vision combination. With its innovative application-based design, iRobolution can provide customized solutions and high-quality reports.


  • Automobile, Casting
  • Pharma industry
  • Packaging industry

We Provide Pick & Place System With Vision Inspection Supplier in Africa and we supplier to products in various locations like Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Burundi, Angola, Chad, Algeria, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Comoros, Benin, Senegal, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Mali, Gabon, Morocco, Uganda, Kampala, Jinjha, Ghana, Zambia.

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