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Supplier of Robotic Case Packers in Rajkot

Supplier of Robotic Case Packers in Rajkot

iRobolution delivers Robotic Case Packers for complete box filling and packaging of goods with and without a robot. Supplier of Robotic Case Packers in Rajkot.
Robotizing production/manufacturing lines will not only be a fast and efficient system but also a blazing piece of technology that is modular and directly proportional to the available space.

How Robotic Case Packers Work

The robotic cell automatically transfers products and queues them for packing. The system erects packages and feeds them into a position where the packing process is initiated. Using a custom EoAT, the product is then picked and placed by the robot in the desired package.
Once the packaging is complete, it will exit the system, and the robot will continue the packing process.
iNovatRCP is capable of handling multiple SKUs on the same line. According to the client’s requirements, iNovatRCP can cater to more than one line of cartons/cases and goods, considering the achievable cycle time.

Applications of Robotic Case Packers

iNovatRCP can be used for multiple case packer applications like bottle packing, mono box to shipper box packing, plastic packets, pouches, JARs, cans, etc., in FMCG, food, and pharma packaging industries.

Value Addition

Elimination of maximum errors and increased reliability
Compact design and robotic flexibility in terms of layout and programming
Low maintenance
No breakage, product damage, or marking on the product
Accurate packing numbers
Touch panel for operation, error reporting, diagnostics, etc.
Remote support module for worldwide support
Industry 4.0 enabled, IIOT enabled
KB Associates is a supplier of Robotic Case Packers in Rajkot.
For more details, we would be pleased to have a professional conversation with you/your team.

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