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Supplier of Flow Meter Based Filling Machines

Supplier of Flow Meter Based Filling Machines

Supplier of Flow Meter Based Filling Machines:

KB Associates proudly serves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Supplier of Flow Meter Based Filling Machines India.

Koldpack specializes in the Manufacturing and supply of Bottle Unscramblers, De-palletizers, Filling Machines, Bulk Filling solutions, and Labelling Machines.

Koldpack e-Fill series machine equipped with high-class flow meter technology, which provides great flexibility, and quick change over time & covers a wide range of filling with higher accuracy of filling.

The machine can handle viscous, foamy as well as hazardous products in the chemical, solvent, pharma & food products.


No. of Filling Heads: 2 to 10 heads
Output per Hour: 250 to 3500 bottles
Filling Types: Volumetric, Electromagnetic, Mass Flow Meter (Based on product)
Nozzle System: Top Filling, Bottom Filling
Material of Construction: Contact parts – SS 316, Body Parts – SS 304 with a matte finish
Electrical Supply: AC 440V Three Phase
Compressed Air Pressure: 4 to 6 Kg/Cm2
Filling Range: 50ml to 1 Liter, 1 Liter to 5 Liters, 5 Liters to 20 Liters
Conveyor Width (mm): 60 – 300
Customization: Can be combined with automatic air jet cleaning, filling, inner plugging, capping, and sealing


Food and beverage industry: Filling beverages, sauces, oils, and other liquid food products.
Pharmaceutical industry: Filling liquid medications, syrups, and other pharmaceutical products.
Chemical industry: Filling chemicals, solvents, and other hazardous liquids.
Cosmetic industry: Filling lotions, creams, shampoos, and other cosmetic products.
Automotive industry: Filling lubricants, coolants, and other automotive fluids.

KB Associates is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Flow Meter Based Filling Machines in Telangana, catering to various locations including Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Coimbatore, Chennai, Mysore, Kochi, and more.

For further details, we look forward to engaging in a professional conversation with you or your team.

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