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Supplier of Drum Filling Machines in Telangana

Supplier of Drum Filling Machines in Telangana

Supplier of Drum Filling Machines in Telangana.
KB Associates stands as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Drum Filling Machines. The QUADRA FILL model represents a fully automatic container, drums, barrels, and IBCs filling system on pallets.

This system boasts the coordination of multi-axis movement and the auto positioning of the filling lance and bunghole, facilitated by a high MP industrial AF camera with integrated SCADA for seamless operations.

The Drum Filling Machine, a specialized apparatus, finds utility in precisely filling drums with liquids or powders, ensuring meticulous and effective packaging procedures.

Designed to accommodate a range of products, including chemicals, food ingredients, and pharmaceuticals, this machine operates via a user-friendly interface. Operators can establish the desired fill volume and exercise control over the filling speed.

Key Features:

Equipped with an automatic roller closure/pneumatic plate closure type lid pressing system.
Features a servo-based conveyor rollers system with intermediate bucket stations.
Operates via PLC-based control with a spacious HMI touch screen panel.
Capable of handling diverse filling ranges and container sizes.
Includes an inbuilt filling tank with an agitator for efficient mixing.
Achieves calibrated filling with auto tare start.


Number of Filling Heads: 2 to 6 heads
Output Per Hour: 200 to 600 buckets/ Hr.
Filling Type: Weight-based electronic load cell type
Nozzle System: Top filling – Bottom Filling
Material of Construction (Contact Parts): SS 316
Body Parts: SS 304 with a matte finish
Electrical Supply: AC 440V Three Phase
Compressed Air Pressure: 4 to 6 Kg/ Cm2
Filling Range: 1 Liter to 5 Liter with necessary change parts
Application: Filling of foamy and non-foamy liquids in bottles & containers.

Koldpack operates as a Supplier of Drum Filling Machines in Telangana, catering to various locations including Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Coimbatore, Chennai, Mysore, Kochi, and more.

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