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Robotic Case Packer Manufacturer

Robotic Case Packer Manufacturer

iRobolution is Robotic Case Packer Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and Supplier in Pune, Maharashtra.

iRobolution is Specialized in Robotic Case Eractor, Case Packer, Palletizer, Weight Checker Unit, Flap closure & tapping machine, Printing Machine.

We provides Robotic Case Packers for comprehensive box filling and packing of items, both with and without robots.

Robotizing production/manufacturing lines will result in not just a fast and efficient system, but also a cutting-edge piece of technology that is modular and directly proportional to available space.

Robots can pick a single or numerous goods and load one or more cases per cycle.
Easy-to-change end-of-arm tooling allows the same robot to handle goods of various sizes and shapes.

iRobolution develops robotic case packers that allow manufacturers to decrease labor and safety expenses while enhancing order throughput, reliability, and accuracy.


Eliminating the maximum error and gives much more reliability
Compact design & robotic flexibility in terms of layout and programming
Low Maintenance
No breakage and product damage or marking on the product
Accurate packing numbers
Touch panel for operation, error reporting, diagnostics etc.
Remote support module for worldwide support
Industry 4.0 enabled, IIOT enabled


iNovatRCP can be used for multiple case packer applications like bottle packing, mono box to shipper box packing, plastic packets, pouch, JAR, Cans, etc in FMCG, food and pharma packaging industry.

iRobolution is Supplier in Robotic Case Packer in Pune, Maharashtra and including locations vadgaon budruk, sitaee nagar, dalve wadi, nanded phata, abasaheb raikar nagar, garmal, and dhayari.

For detailed information and inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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