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Filling and Capping Machine In Rajasthan

Filling and Capping Machine In Rajasthan

KB Associates is a leading solution provider in the automatic packaging industry for water, food, beverage, pharma, home care, personal care, oil, paints, and chemical products. Filling and Capping Machine In Rajasthan.
A filling and capping machine for mineral water is a specialized equipment used to automate the process of filling bottles or containers with mineral water and sealing them with caps, ensuring efficient and hygienic packaging.

Features in Filling and Capping Machine

Intelligent machine with Inbuilt Touchscreen HMI panel devices with variable speed AC Drive for regulation of operating speed during production.
Available with an integrated IOT application for remotely accessing the machine & saving the production data on a Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Basis on any portable device.
Unique Pick & Place type Capping operation with torque-adjustable magnetic capping heads.
Automatic Cap elevator cum oriental with automatic wrong cap diverter system to reduce machine stops.
All the parts including the main valve, storage tank, filling tank, Hose pipe, & pump are connected by tri-clamp for easy disassembling during the cleaning process.

Application of Filling and Capping Machine

Bottled water industry
Beverage industry
Food processing industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Cosmetics industry

Koldpack Provide Filling and Capping Machine In Rajasthan including various areas like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Udaipur
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