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Filling and Capping Machine For Mineral Water

Filling and Capping Machine For Mineral Water

KB Associates stands as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Filling and capping machine for mineral water in all over India.

The filling and capping machine for mineral water is a sophisticated industrial equipment that automates the process of filling individual bottles with mineral water and securely capping them.

The bottling and packaging industry utilizes this machine to ensure efficient, accurate, and hygienic packaging of mineral water.

The filling and capping machine can be used to fill and cap a variety of bottles, including glass, plastic, and metal bottles.
It can also be used to fill bottles with a variety of liquids, including water, juice, soda, and beer.


PLC and HMI controlled machine with easy operation & user friendly programming.
Four inner wash with combination of Hot water, Detergent water, Product water & one air wash.

Door safety interlocks system & Liquid level interlocks for washing pump and inlet valves with hot water temperature control.
Automatic chemical drain after desired washing cycle.

Stationary nozzles eliminate contamination of water cycles as well as provide untouched filling.
Automatic unloading of bottle using pneumatic finger.

We mount skid-mounted pumps and tanks on stands for easy maintenance.
Separate panel control to avoid any short circuit due to spraying of water.

German Make Flow sensor based filling.
You don’t need any change parts to fill different filling sizes.


Bottling plants
Water treatment plants
Home use

KB Associates is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Filling and Capping Machine For Mineral Water in all over India.

For further details, we eagerly anticipate engaging in a professional conversation with you or your team.

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