Barrel / Drum Filling Machine

Koldpack Barrel machine is best suited for liquids filled in barrels & drums bulk quantities e.g.100 Kg, 200 Kg, etc. Oftentimes there are products that must be sold by weight for commercial reasons and therefore this filling machine is the only choice. Examples of this type of filler for bulk products include all types of chemicals, lubricants, food products etc. High value products filled by these machines include specialty adhesives and paints, precious metals dissolved in acids, and other expensive specialty chemicals.

Salient Features

Technical Specifications

No. Of Filling Head1 to 2
Output drum Per Hour25 to 30 drums/Hour (For 210 Kg)* 45 to 50 drums/Hour (For 50 Kg)*
Type Of FillingWeight Metric Type or Flow meter type (Based on product)
Material Of constructionContact parts : SS 316, others Parts : SS 304, Structure : MS powder coated
Electrical SupplyAC 230 V Single Phase
Compressed Air Consumption @4 to 6 Bar1 CFM
Applicationfilling of foaming and non-foaming liquids in drums or Barrels- chemicals, solvents, pesticides, petroleum product, oils, resins etc.


The operation of this type of filling machine is simple. After sensing the barrel as an object to fill, machine automatically tares its weight to zero. Then the product bulk supply is pumped into the container by opening two pneumatic valves. The first valve closes after achieving the course weight and the second after the target weight is achieved.
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