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Automatic Pick and Place Machine

Automatic Pick and Place Machine

The specialized robotic system, known as the Automatic Pick and Place Machine, actively performs the task of picking up objects or components from one location and accurately placing them in another predetermined location during manufacturing and assembly processes.

Work of Automatic Pick and Place Machine

Speed and Efficiency: The Automatic Pick and Place Machine operates at high speeds, allowing for rapid and continuous handling of objects.
It can handle multiple objects simultaneously or perform sequential operations, maximizing productivity and reducing assembly or manufacturing cycle times.
Quality Control: The machine can incorporate quality control measures during the pick and place process.
It can include vision inspection systems to verify the correctness of components, detect defects, or ensure proper alignment before placement, thereby enhancing product quality and reducing errors.
Object Detection: Advanced sensors, cameras, or vision systems actively enable the machine to detect and identify objects or components that need to be picked up.
Pick-Up: Once the object is detected, the machine’s robotic arm or gripper mechanism moves into position to pick up the object.
It uses suction cups, vacuum grippers, mechanical grippers, or specialized tooling to securely grasp the object without causing any damage.

Why Choose iR-RoboQV

Unique design position
Specific Vision software design for the solution
Methods of Quality Checks and Reporting
Small footprint
Customize design
Advance control system to give you all alarms and warring massages

Application of Automatic Pick and Place Machine

Pharma industry
Packaging industry

iRobolution provides one to one solution for an Automatic pick-and-place machine.
For more details, we will be pleased to have a professional conversation with you / your team.

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