Automatic Linear Barrel Filling Machine

Fully automatic with integrated multiple work station for nitrogen purging, filling, capping & sealing used for filling metallic & plastic drums/containers from 120 to 250 liter range for end to end solution of filling & packaging for barrels/ drums/ containers etc. The model is designed for high filling production level featuring a high level of automation.

Accessories available

Can be configured for more flexible & automatic workstation

Salient Features

Technical Specifications

ModelKM2H/L-Barrel FillKM4H/L-Barrel Fill
No. Of Filling Head2 Head (Nozzle)4 Head (Nozzle)
No. of capping head1 Head2 Head
Output drum Per Hour55 to 60 Barrels per hour (200 Kg)100 to 120 Barrels per hour (200 Kg)
Filling TypeBy Net weight/ flow meter based filling (Based on product)By Net weight/ flow meter based filling (Based on product)
Nozzle SystemServo Based Deep Diving Nozzle(gradually up with filling)Servo Based Deep Diving Nozzle(gradually up with filling)
Material Of constructionContact parts : SS 316, Body Parts : SS 304Matt finish
Electrical SupplyAC 440V Three Phase
Compressed Air pressure4 to 6 Kg/ Cm2
Filling Range120 to 220 Liter barrels(Plastic/ HDPE/ MS barrels)
Conveyer TypePLC operated Motorized roller conveyer
ApplicationFilling of Lubricant, Paint, Flammable chemicals, Solvent, Food product & other chemicals in 120 L container to 220 KG metal/ plastic barrels.


Koldpack automatic new weight filling machine is working on the principle of load call based weight filling suitable to fill liquid products in 10L buckets, 20L buckets & pails. The machine consists of inbuilt buffer tank with liquid level controller on ground level or up level for gravity based filling. Servo based chain conveyer system adjust the buckets in perfect position before starting the filling. This machine comes with automatic lid pressing device to make it more flexible. Examples of this type of filler for bulk products include all types of chemicals, lubricants, industrial solvent, paints, food products etc. High value products filled by these machines include specialty adhesives and paints, precious metals dissolved in acids, and other expensive specialty chemicals.
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