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Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine Manufacturer

Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine Manufacturer

KB Associates is a reputable Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine In Ethiopia.

Bottle unscramblers are a sort of linear unscrambling machine used to feed aligned bottles into the production line.
It is the ideal labor-saving machine; personnel are no longer necessary to hand sort bottles and place them upright on a conveyor.
They are appropriate for a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes. The Koldpack bottle unscrambler is extremely simple to use, efficient, and requires little maintenance.

They load bottles into the hopper, and then an elevator lifts them to reach the centrifugal disc.
On the disc, the orientation region guides the bottles.

As one bottle is delivered at a time, it is the Bottle Orientating Hook that holds the necks of the bottles to align their positions.


Capable of handling cylinders, squares and rectangles.
PLC controlled with touch screen panel, easy access to all settings.
Fast and easy format changes.
Stainless steel and plastic for bottle contacts.
Operational simplicity – no specialized personnel needed
Capacity based on filling line.

KB Associates proudly serves as Supplier of Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine In Ethiopia and various locations like Adama, Adaba, Addis Ababa, AddisAlem(Ejersa), AddisZemen, Adet, Adigrat, Adwa, Agaro, Akaki, Amaro, Gojjam, AmbaMariam, Ambo, Angacha, Ankober, Arba Minch, Arboye, Areka, Asaita, Asella, Assosa, Awasa, Awash, Axum, Azezo, Alamata, AlemKetema, Aykel, Awbarre, Babille, Baco, BadmeBahirDar, Bati, Batu, Bedele, Bedessa, Beica, Bekoji, Bele, Bichena, Bishoftu, Bitena, Boditi, Bonga, Burie, Damot, Butajira, Chiro, Chimdesa, Chelenko, Chencha, Chuahit, Dabat, Dangila, Debarq, DebreBerhan, DebreMarqos, DebreTabor, DebreWerq, DebreZebit, Dejen, Delgi, Dembecha, Dembidolo, Deneba, Dessie (Dese), Dila, DilYibza(Beyeda), Dimtu(Wolaita), DireDawa, Dagaxbuur.

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